4 Ways We Avoid Catastrophe When Shooting in The Great Outdoors

1. Weather + Time

Photographers and videographers love control.

We love to control all aspects of the “scene”. How it looks, how it sounds and how it feels. The further you venture away from the comforts of a studio, or the consistency of filming in a café or office, the less control we have over the environment.

In the great outdoors, we adapt to the environment as it is ever changing. This may mean postponing a shoot due to weather, or a 5am start to get the golden sunrise shots. A good understanding of our shoot locations is needed to know how to best capitalise on the environment we are in.


2. Camera gear

Gear can also be a massive hinderance if not chosen and used properly. We need gear that can keep up with our demands as we push it to the fullest to get the shots no one else can.

Sealed camera bodies allow for splash and dust resistance. Vented cinema camera bodies avoid overheating in the Aussie sun. Lav mics are great for capturing crisp vocals and shotgun mics are for the atmosphere that give the videos life. Heavy duty gear calls for a heavy-duty foundation. Heavy duty fluid head tripods are the only way to go.

Even underwater scenes are possible with the use of water housings.

There are technical solutions to any of the challenges that the outdoors can throw at us, it’s just a matter of having the knowledge and the access.

3. Equipped vehicles

There is no point amassing an impressive quiver of equipment if we don’t have the means to take it on the adventures it was designed for. That is where the Pepper Vans comes into play!

We are very proud of our work fleet. The Pepper vans are the ultimate way to get our crew and all our gear where it needs to go.

With full off grid solar and lithium battery systems, these 4×4 equipped vans can keep gear charged anywhere anytime. Coffee on the road, or a cold drink from the fridge. The Pepper vans top-off the lifestyle photography and videography experience.


4. Storage and Transportation

Gear storage… Camera bags are cute, but they don’t work well when we need to throw them in the back of a ute, or wade them to shore from a boat.

We find Hard cases far more suitable. Water sealed, padded internals, stackable, uncrushable. The gear we have would simply not last without our safe cases. We even use charge cases, to keep all our replacement batteries close by, so we’re always prepared to shoot your lifestyle or adventure content.


We live and breathe adventure & outdoor lifestyle photography and videography and are fortunate enough to spend a lot of our time shooting in the great outdoors. All of the above as far as we are concerned are great problems to overcome!

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