5 Tips to Prepare For Your Next Shoot on the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to your upcoming photo shoot or video production on the Sunshine Coast, it’s important that all people involved in your business are prepared, whether they be staff, customers, students or contractors.

They need to be prepared for what their role is in the shoot (whether they’re going to be interviewed or just in the background or posing for photos), and they need to have signed talent release forms to protect you from being liable if someone decides post-shoot they no longer wish to be seen in the video.

At Pepper Productions, we will also bring talent release forms with us.

videography and photography sunshine coast

Prepare the filming location

In addition to making sure the filming location is clean, tidy, and free of clutter or distractions, it’s also important to consider the visual elements of the space. Think about the brand and message of the business and how the filming location can reflect that. For example, the filming location should be clean and minimalistic if the business has a modern and sleek brand. If the business is more casual or creative, the video production location could feature more colourful and unique decor.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

It’s important you look professional but not uncomfortable. Find the happy medium where you dress up appropriately to appear on camera without going outside the parameters of your brand or how your customers want to be perceived. 

To avoid issues with the images we produce, we ask that you don’t wear striped clothing or polka dots. If you wear glasses, we may ask for the interview portion of the shoot that you take your glasses due to lighting reflections.

If the job is on a worksite or possible hazardous area, ensure appropriate protective clothing is worn, and all WH&S measures are met.

The above-striped shirt looks good in a headshot. However, it will create a flickering effect when being filmed.

videography and photography sunshine coast

The above striped shirt looks good in a headshot however, will create flickering effect when being filmed. 

videography and photography sunshine coast

Prepare for Interviews

We believe it’s best to keep the interviews conversational. This way, we avoid the interviewee sounding rehearsed or robotic when being interviewed isn’t their natural talent. We tend to find the best answers are off the cuff. 

Being yourself is the most important thing to remember when appearing on camera. Speak naturally and authentically, just as you would in a conversation with someone.

Use your body language. Body language is an important part of communication, and it can help you appear more natural on camera. Use hand gestures and facial expressions to emphasise your points and convey your emotions.

So please relax and enjoy the experience. This is a fun process away from the normal working day!

Use Good Body Language

Body language is essential to effective communication, particularly in video interviews. When appearing on camera, projecting confidence, professionalism, and engagement through your body language is important. One way to achieve this is by sitting up straight and maintaining good posture. 

This helps to convey confidence and competence while also projecting a professional image. Additionally, hand gestures can help emphasise your points and make you appear more animated on camera. However, be careful not to overdo it, as excessive gestures can distract and detract from your message. 

Another important aspect of body language in video interviews is making eye contact. Looking directly at the camera or the interviewer can help build rapport and establish a connection with your audience. Additionally, smiling naturally throughout the interview can help to create a friendly and approachable demeanour. Finally, avoiding fidgeting and leaning in slightly to show engagement can further enhance your body language in video interviews.

videography and photography sunshine coast
videography and photography sunshine coast

Finally, relax!

Our goal is to make the process of Sunshine Coast videography enjoyable for everyone involved, so don’t stress about the camera being present or how long you’ve got us for. We are here to capture great content for your brand.