The ABC’s of Increasing Your Conversion Rates with Facebook Ads

Have you ever realised just how effective Facebook advertising for business is at targeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time?! With nearly two-billion active daily users, it’s hard to ignore Facebook’s customer-reaching potential.

But where do you start? How can you get your message to the people who will actually be interested in your product or service?

Businesses have a unique opportunity to reach customers who are already interested in their product, and remind them with a helpful prompt to reach the purchase stage. Better yet, no matter the size or budget of the business, you are able to create an effective, engaging and growth-inducing campaign for your business in just a few simple steps – you simply need to know your ABC’s…


In order to get your Facebook Ads in front of the right people, you need to know exactly who those people are. The more information you have, the more targeted (and therefore effective) your Facebook ads will be. This includes demographic information (i.e. gender, age, location, job title, salary, interests, hobbies etc.).

Another way to target your audience might be through people who already like your brand on social media, or friends of those who like and follow you. There is also a tactic known as remarketing, which can target people who have been on your website recently, placing your ads in front of them and keeping your brand positioned front-of-mind, essentially tracking them across the web and over to Facebook.


Advertising on Facebook has the benefit of being able to spend as much or as little as you would like; even as little as $5. You are only charged when people actually click on your ads (this is known as cost-per-click). When establishing your campaign budget it is important to remember that the lower your budget, the lower your potential reach will be. Having a higher budget will place your ads in front of more people, and combined with the well-targeted audience you have put together – will provide you with the ultimate Facebook Ad placement.


This is arguably the most important aspect of Facebook Ads. Your ad can be reaching all the right people, but if your ad lacks engaging content your customers will overlook it instantly.

There are several best practices to keep in mind when creating content:

  • Get inside your customer’s head – What does your customer want to know? Your content should be specific and relevant to the customer you want.
  • Include a strong call to action (CTA) – A call to action button on your business’ Facebook page gives a customer a clear and concise invitation to find more information about the service/product you are offering. This kind of cut-through is priceless!
  • Be clear with your message or offer – Customers shouldn’t have to guess what you’re saying in order to understand your message. Be clear. Be concise. Let them know exactly what you can do for them and why they need your product or service.
  • Keep branding consistent – All content from your brand, paid or organic, should all have a clear and consistent voice. It’s all about developing a relationship with your customers, you want them to know you as well as you (secretly) know them.
  • Create compelling content – Compelling and creative visuals (like video) grab our attention.  Visual content should always reflect your message, be consistent with your brand and always utilise high-quality, clean imagery.

Understand the finer details of your audience, where they are and what they want. Increase your Ad reach by budgeting accordingly, and ensure that once you’re in front of your audience, you don’t blow it with mediocre content. Use your ABC’s and watch your click-through and conversion rates soar!

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