Active & Adventure

videography and photography sunshine coast

Active & Adventure Content.

Pepper Productions is known for pushing the boundaries. As the Sunshine Coast’s only active and adventure content specialists, we continue to innovate with our bold creations, highlighting life’s simple pleasures and daring adventures. 

Our team has shot from all four corners of the globe; from the far North Coast of USA to Fiji to South Africa to every state of Australia. With global experience, our team can pull the viewer into the moment and capture the vibrant nature of the moment in time. 

We live to tell your tale.

We help brands show their customers the good life.

Our QLD playground stretches from the beach to the mountains. We work with businesses to produce active lifestyle content in a unique way that helps them stand out from the crowd and connect with their target audience. 

Time to push the boundaries.

Customers are 64% more likely to buy a product if they can see how it works, and how it will benefit them. At Pepper, we work with businesses that specialise in outdoor adventure to showcase their offerings and increase conversions. Professional active lifestyle content is the ultimate way to grow your brand. 

videography and photography sunshine coast

Off-grid video production.

Experience an unforgettable shoot and have the Pepper Van on your next video shoot! A hard to come by 4×4 fully kitted out adventure van that allows us to shoot at more remote locations. Our Pepper van creates the perfect environment to allow for reviews of footage and imagery from your shoot or the perfect change room or makeup space.

We take our shoots to the next level, giving out clients an unforgettable shoot day is what we love most. That is why the epic production van was born, a place we can keep our kit in prime condition all while providing you that oh so needed coffee, cold drink and shade -where the job takes us.

Want a production shoot like none other?

videography and photography sunshine coast

Adventure & Lifestyle Videographer

Run, jump, ride, surf or swim your way through your adventure video production with our Pepper videographers. As specialists in video production on the Sunshine Coast, we have the luxury of so many different settings, from the beach and city to rainforests and the hinterland. But we’re not just limited to the coast. We go wherever the adventure takes us, thanks to our limited 4×4 Pepper van! We offer various forms of videography but have a particular interest in adventure drone videography and lifestyle video production.  

We find easy and simple solutions to represent your brand on the internet and drive more conversions by creating solid content.

Adventure & Lifestyle Content Producers

We aim to capture the essence and spirit of your brand in one-frame action shots through our lens. As experts in lifestyle photography and adventure photography, we believe in optimising the outcomes of your ideas and will happily give advice where we think it will benefit you!


When you choose Pepper Productions, you’ll have a clear understanding of the level of production you’ll receive. We only deliver work of the highest standard using our high-end film equipment designed to record in some of the highest definitions around.

Our photography will have your customers running you out of stock and booking up your schedules. You’ve been warned!

videography and photography sunshine coast