Beau Blake.

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videography and photography sunshine coast

Beau Blake is a talented videographer and photographer known for his expertise in the corporate, travel, and action realms. As a Sunshine Coast Photographer, he has extensive experience in working with clients from pre-production to content distribution, and is passionate about telling stories through his lens.

Throughout his career, Beau has had the opportunity to produce content in various locations across Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, the US, Fiji, and Thailand. With a love for travel and capturing new places, Beau has a diverse portfolio that showcases his skills and creativity.

With the ability to manage projects from start to finish, Beau is a one-stop-shop for all your photography and videography needs. He also has a strong partnership with Chilli Group, the longest-running and most successful marketing agency on the Sunshine Coast, and has learned the importance of strategy in creating effective media.

A true Sunshine Coast local, Beau was born and raised in the area and has a deep love for the ocean. In his free time, he can often be found surfing, kiteboarding, or capturing the beauty of the ocean through his camera.

“This is something that has been in the pipeline for a while now and I am super pumped with how it has turned out. Pre-Covid I spent 3 weeks in Fiji, the last of which was filming the amazing Fiji Dentist crew in action. With so much footage and such an unreal story captured… it soon turned into a 25-minute documentary. So if you have the attention span, it would mean a load to me if everyone can watch and see where my heart has been the last few months. I am super excited to have a video like this to my name but equally excited at the thought that this could help out the FDMF as they help out the locals at one of my favourite places on earth!”

-Beau Blake

videography and photography sunshine coast