Fiji Dental And Medical Foundation Documentary

A Documentary

By Pepper.

Overseas content has quickly become few and far between as travel restrictions are still in place. Fortunately for us, our head button clicker Beau Blake spent three weeks in Fiji shooting for Namotu Island and the Fiji Dental and Medical Foundation prior to the Covid outbreak.

From the hours and hours of footage, we are very proud to finally showcase the 25 minute documentary featuring the Fiji Dentists.

The FJDM Foundation is a group of dentists and medical professionals from the US who donate their time to assist in rural Fiji with necessary services that are otherwise not accessible. Learn how the run such an incredible operation in such a remote area and get behind a great cause!

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The Statistics for 2020

In March 2020, over just 4 days of clinic, the Fiji DMF treated 504 people, performed 199 fillings, 353 fluoride treatments, 328 extractions and replaced 92 teeth in 32 patients. This is an incredible amount of work in such a short space of time!

Funding & How You Can Help

The Fiji DMF is funded by the people who volunteer their time and actually do the work. It is also supported by Namotu Island, who supply accommodation at a discounted rate and the use of boats, transport, gear storage and the other necessary assistance to make this kind of operation work.

Check out Namotu Island resort at:

Board members; Greg Herd, Greg Moegling and Mark Brown run the organisation tight so it’s a very efficient charity (unlike so many others!). Any donations are spent on equipment as the work, airfares and accommodation are already covered.

if you can spare some cash or wish to volunteer your time, please visit to donate. Every dollar goes straight to the Fijian people!

Contact the Fiji DMF

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