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Meet Jack.

Jack McGrath, is our talented Hybrid Videographer and Editor at Pepper. Despite being relatively new to the industry, Jack has always had a passion for capturing special moments which can be traced back to his childhood years, when he loved playing with camcorders. 

At Pepper Productions, Jack’s favourite aspect is witnessing the collaborative efforts of both Chilli and Pepper teams as they strategise with clients before, during, and after production to ensure the media gains maximum exposure.

The diversity of content creation is what brings immense joy to Jack’s role. The opportunity to shoot and create a wide range of content allows him to explore his creativity fully. And to top it off, Jack loves getting into an editing flow state while sipping an iced latte.  

For Jack, the ultimate motivation is surpassing clients’ expectations. This dedication drives him to give his all in every shoot, ensuring that each production exceeds what the client envisioned.

Jack’s proudest moments at Pepper come when he makes spontaneous, off-plan decisions during shooting or editing, which end up elevating the final production even further.

Outside of work, Jack has a diverse range of hobbies. He enjoys training callisthenics, recording music in his home studio, and spending quality time hiking, camping, road-tripping with his wife and friends and enjoying couch hangs with his German Shepherd.  

With Jack’s fresh perspective, creative talents, and commitment to excellence, he is an invaluable asset to the Pepper team. He continues to grow and evolve in his role, creating captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impact on clients and audiences alike.

One of Bruno’s favourite styles of photography is portraits. He works closely with clients to ensure they get the result they’re after and has had his work displayed in exhibitions around Brazil and Australia.