Gabriella Baptistel

videography and photography sunshine coast


Gabby is our second to none all-rounder producer. With 7 years behind the camera, the question is, what can’t she do.

With a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing, not only is Gabby a gifted photographer, but she also has extensive marketing experience in social media management. This Brazilian whiz always ensures her clients only get the best results.

We live to tell your tale.

Gabby and Food.

“I have a massive relationship with food. Not only in a manner of eating and cooking, but food has always been a way of creating a connection between myself, family and friends.

Growing up, I have always been around food. From watching my grandfather taking fresh milk from the cow to having my butt sore from sitting more than 3 hours at the dinner table laughing and talking with my mom.

At the time, photography wasn’t easy to access, and no one in my family was really into the arts, so I ended up exploring my love of food by cooking.

 A few years after graduating and working in marketing and photography, I discovered the power when connecting my two passions, food and photography.

Even though food photography is not my only focus, it is always a pleasure to photograph such unique dishes and be able to tell the tale behind them.”

– Gabriella Baptistel

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