Mullet Mods

The Challenge

Mullet Mods supply easily installable cup holders for the likes of your vintage Toyota Landcruiser Series and Nissan Patrols.

Proudly Australian, Mullet Mods reached out to our team at Pepper to create memorable content that’ll make you laugh. With the intent of generating brand awareness and launching their new range of cupholders, our team sat down with Mullet Mods and began brainstorming ideas. The goal was to have enough content that would be distributed across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Once we knew what we were doing, we got to work putting together a storyboard, a shot list and establishing a filming location. 


Obviously some classic Aussie mullets were a must, as well as one of each vehicle… 

79 series cruiser, 80 series cruiser, GU Patrol, GQ Patrol & a D22 Navara.

On the day of the shoot, our crew met Mullet Mods team on their family property on the Sunshine Coast.  With all the rain we’ve had on the east coast, the grassy grounds by the river we had previously chosen as our location would quickly become a bottomless mud pit. This meant we only had one take to get the placement of the cars dialled as we could not drive back over our wheel tracks twice!

After a full day of shooting, our camera operators began dicing and splicing the loads of content we filmed. Through some digging, we turned up some fantastic imagery and videography that Mullet Mods was absolutely stoked with.

We made their vision a reality by creating high-quality product imagery to fill their website and socials.

How We Helped

We shot and edited highly engaging videos and content for their launch campaign, which resulted in:

  • 1 x up to 30-sec campaign video
  • 5 x cup holder shorts
  • 1 x 15 sec social short (from campaign video)
  • 15 x high-resolution images 

Our team helped Mullet Mods achieve their business goals through:

  • Pre-production including script writing, storyboard preparation, sourcing models and location scouting
  • Hero video editing 
  • Creation of social clips, reels and lifestyle imagery

The Outcome

Mullet Mods received several different video files distributed across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Working hand in hand with our friends over at Chilli, we delivered high-quality  & entertaining content that could be used across various platforms, reaching an audience far and wide.

Mullet Mods Photography