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With a fresh redesigned look and feel and moving into a massive new store, it only made sense than Scooter and Skate needed some great new content to promote and celebrate the expansion of their business.

We worked closely with Scooter and Skate, planning to capture their transitions from a small shopfront to a large warehouse. We were met by the huge Scooter and Skate crew, all keen to get in front of the lens!

It’s not every day we get to shoot local talent with the likes of Jake Blackman, Josh Mills and Myles Allen all throwing down at the local Kawana skatepark before ending the day off with sunset cruises by the lake and finally finishing up at the massive new Scooter and Skate outlet. 

We loved working with the awesome team at Scooter and Skate and love the look and feel of the content we put together. Not only did we create some high quality stills and a video for their website, we also created a series of mini-clips, perfect for the use in Instagram Reels and stories, ensuring they are overflowing with content for months to come!

videography and photography sunshine coast
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