Stick and Rudder

Stick ‘n Rudder are a team of passionate tailwheel pilots, here to bring back the best of the past, creating future aviators with superior skills.

Stick ‘n Rudder were the lucky winners of our Ultimate Content Package! This package included quality high-end videography and photography.

We love shooting photos and videos at great locations, but where we went with Stick ‘n Rudder was next level. At Pepper Productions, we thrive in the outdoors but coupled with an amazing shooting view, our time with Stick ‘n Rudder was one of our most memorable video projects yet!

The Brief

“Spruce up socials and website with personalised images and videos that effectively represent who they are, what they do and their team.”

We travelled down in our 4×4 Production Van to Caboolture, where Stick ‘n Rudder is based, to showcase their aircraft, amazing team and incredible views from up in the sky. 

As part of our giveaway, our lucky winners received:

  • A 2-hour shoot with two of our experienced videographers 
  • 15 edited images perfect for socials
  • 3 x Social Reels

How We Helped

We created both photos and video content during our 2-hour shoot with Stick ‘n Rudder. We filmed the team up in the sky and on the ground through a storyline of engaging content. The Pepper Crew achieved this through drone photography and videography and by filming each other in separate planes, so we got all the angles!

We produced a series of social reels from this footage that we edited, colour corrected, and ready to be used across all Stick ‘n Rudder social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We also edited 15 images for Stick ‘n Rudder to share across their socials and website. 

Stick ‘n Rudder continues to share their photos and videos across their social media and website, helping them to accurately and effectively represent who they are, what they do and their team.  

We’re stoked about their continued success and can’t wait to work with them again! Our experience with Stick ‘n Rudder was unforgettable.