Recruitment Videos: Showcasing Your Staff

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Written job listings can easily get lost amongst the noise, as available positions are constantly uploaded to job seeking sites. Written descriptions and words about ‘workplace culture’ can get repetitive and forgettable for applicants. 

All successful businesses are backed by a hardworking team, staff and company culture. Why not showcase the staff who makes it all happen? 

Stand out amongst the crowd with a captivating recruitment video designed to showcase your spectacular teams and workplace culture.

What are Recruitment Videos?

Recruitment videos are an engaging alternative to traditional job position listings. They are designed to promote and showcase your company’s workplace culture, staff and teams to potential job candidates. The videos are short to medium in length, and demonstrate how the candidate would benefit from working with your company. 

First Steps Learning Academy partnered with us, Pepper Productions, to create this short recruitment video for their business.

Why Use Recruitment Videos?

Recruitment videos are a modern, fun and engaging way to showcase your company and staff. Short and engaging visual content such as videos are becoming an increasingly popular form of media, as seen from the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels. 

Videos allow for the audience to generate emotional feelings, attachments and assumptions through visual cues and content. By having a recruitment video, applicants will be able to visualise themselves working with your company, gain a higher understanding of their role, how the business runs and the company culture.

Recruitment videos have been found to attract up to 3 times more applicants in a recent study. With more applicants to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect new addition to your team.

Where to Post Your Recruitment Video

Due to the versatility of video format, your recruitment videos can be displayed on a multitude of platforms. 

  • Post your recruitment videos to job sites 
  • Post to social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok
  • Add the recruitment video to your career’s section on your website
  • Display on corporate events/on-screen events such as conferences or movies
  • Add to content blogs that talk about your business or company culture

With several platforms for your recruitment video to be added to, your recruitment video will have high engagement possibilities. 

Types of Recruitment Videos

There are several formats and approaches you can take when creating a recruitment video. 

Pepper Productions have a team of videographer Sunshine Coast experts, that are passionate about all things video and will work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

Types of recruitment videos:

  • Why you should work with the company/Benefits of working at the business
  • Day in the life of a [Insert job position] – Walk through the roles and responsibilities
  • Meet the team – Perfect for team projects or introduction videos
  • Interview with staff/management – What to expect/What is expected

Pepper Productions helped First Steps Learning Academy create this recruitment video specifically for their available position of Trainee.

Pepper Productions | Videography Sunshine Coast

If a recruitment video is exactly what your business has been missing, Pepper Productions is here to help. We live to tell your tale, and are excited to help bring your ideas to life. Pepper Productions is fully equipped with high-quality portable equipment (thanks to the Pepper Vans). Our team of videographer Sunshine Coast experts will work hard to make your business stand out amongst the noise and help you find your perfect candidate. 

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