Take your photography and videography locations to the next level in 2023!

Can you believe it’s 2023 already? Gosh, how time flies when you’re having fun! What a year 2022 was; from new faces joining the Pepper Crew to new clients coming on board, we had a blast. And, of course, we got to shoot at some incredible locations across the Sunshine Coast and beyond. It’s been an enormous but rewarding 12 months for the team, and we are keen to do it again this year! To give you an idea of how our 2022 was, we thought we would share our top six filming locations and some of the content we shot there!

Check them out.

videography and photography sunshine coast

Dingo Creek Winery

First on the list (in no particular order), we have Dingo Creek Winery. The Pepper Crew traveled out to Traveston in the Pepper Vans to capture the essence of the ultimate camping trip for Unearthed RV. On the day, we captured epic content through product photography and video production. The views from the drone footage are next-level and perfect if you’re on a lifestyle shoot.

Habitat Noosa

We headed up the coast to Habitat Noosa to shoot even more stunning content for our clients. Here we worked with both Camp Hire Australia and Unearthed RV to capture content to knock their customers’ socks off! Habitat Noosa is the perfect location to shoot travel and adventure-related content. Plus, the wildlife at this eco camp is abundant, so if you want to capture Australiana, this is the place. 

videography and photography sunshine coast
videography and photography sunshine coast


Nestled in Maroochy River, Madgro is tranquil, surrounded by luscious greenery, and is the place for outdoor content creators. Not to mention there is a resident emu that likes to make an appearance! At Madgro, we shot video content for New Zealand-based Zempire Camping, and this location made it even better.

HQ Plantations

If you’re looking to shoot unique content in the wilderness, HQ Plantation is the place to go. The mountains, pine trees and overall stunning landscape will level up your content. We shot imagery and videography here for both Sunfinder and Majestic Caravans, which they now display on their websites, giving them a wow factor. If you want to shoot at HQ Plantations, you need a permit, but you can access it through their website.

videography and photography sunshine coast
videography and photography sunshine coast

Double Island Point

An adventurer’s dream, Double Island Point, is where you need to go to get scroll-stopping content. Just look at what we shot for Groundswell Wash and Thrilled Livin!… 

Franx Studio

The ultimate place for studio shoots, Franx Studio, is our go-to! We captured product photography here for GSD, but the space is so versatile you can shoot anything from lifestyle to fashion and more. Plus, you can set up your backdrop to how you like it! 

But that’s a wrap from us on just some of the cool locations we filmed in 2022! A huge thanks to all our clients who collabed with us and also let us shoot onsite at their workplaces.

It’s been real.

Professional photographers and videographers on studio shooting product photos and videos