So you’ve got a killer video which is engaging and tells your unique story in a powerful way. Now what?

Here are some handy links & resources that will help you take full advantage of your new video.

Use these resources as a guide to utilise your video. You can also reach out to us at Pepper Productions and our sister company Chilli to have our experts use your video in the most powerful ways for your business. Reach out to us and we can put together a package to start getting you results today.

Organic Content Resources


Create a YouTube Account

Upload a video to YouTube

Handy Tip: Did you know you can have your YouTube video embedded on your website or a landing page? This is one of the offerings Pepper Productions & Chilli can help you with. Just ask us!

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Add a video to your page

Create a cover video

Post a video story:


Once you’ve added your Video to YouTube, you can post the video link in LinkedIn in a business page update & you can add the link into your business page information & description.


Posting a video on Instagram:

Instagram Story:

Paid Advertising Content Resources

Boosted Facebook Post

Here’s how to boost a Facebook post

Instagram Promoted Post

Much like boosting, Instagram promoted posts are the simplest way of setting up Instagram ads. Once you’ve linked your Facebook & Instagram accounts in business manager (see links below) and created an ads manager account & assigned it to your Instagram account & your Facebook ads account, follow these steps:

Facebook Video Ads

Follow this link for how to create a video ad on Facebook:

Don’t have an ads account? Here’s how to:

Create a business manager in Facebook 

Add an ad account to your business manager (along with how to add your page, your Instagram account and invite people to give them admin access)

Set up your payment options for your ads account. 

How to link your Instagram account to a page you manage


Instagram Video Ads

Here’s some info on Instagram video ads –

You can also follow the Facebook video ads steps above, and select Instagram placements instead of or in addition to the Facebook placements, at the ad set level. Just make sure the video specs meet the Instagram size recommendations.

Youtube Video Ads

YouTube Ads are set up within your Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) account.

About Video Ads

You can learn about how to use Google Ads at Google’s Academy for Ads – the video specific information is

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