Why Telling Your Tale is Important

Video Production Sunshine Coast

Videography has emerged as one of the most popular types of content to engage users. The importance of video marketing for boosting your brand visibility and growth is becoming increasingly important as it creates a story guiding your audience through relatable narrative-based content, engaging them more than other forms of content such as newspaper or radio ads.

According to. Growth Tribe, at least 73% of people say that they’d prefer to watch short videos to learn about a product or service. 

At Pepper Productions, we live to tell your tale. As a video production company on the Sunshine Coast, we are motivated to help businesses achieve their goals and engage with their target market by telling their stories through videography.

Why Tell Your Tale Through Video Marketing?

All businesses have a story to tell, whether it’s for your brand or a specific product. The brand you have built from the ground up deserves to have its story shared in a way that allows you to connect with your audience. One of the best ways to share your story is through video content marketing.

Video content marketing allows you to connect directly with customers about a product, service or engagement in a more direct and relatable way, building trust in your business. Having it also boosts your online presence. 

What You Need to Think About Before Creating Video Story Content

Before you begin creating any business videography content, you will need to answer some questions before commencing with production to ensure you make something that is going to resonate between your business and audience. These questions can include the following:

  • Plot – What story do you want to tell? What structure do you want to use?
  • Purpose – Why do you want to communicate this story to viewers? What do you want them to do after?
  • People – Who/What is the main character? How do they relate to the audience?
  • Place – Where is the primary location for the video? How does that location shape the narrative?
  • Audience – Who will primarily see this video? Will they be new/potential customers, employees or another group?
  • Distribution – How will you share the video content with others, and where will it be posted (Youtube, website, Facebook, etc.)?

How Does Professional Video Production Increases Engagement?

Video content is highly shareable and will undoubtedly increase your engagement on social platforms. A video is highly shareable because so many people enjoy video content making it more shared with our friends, family, and colleagues. For businesses, this means more people are getting to see your brand’s story and its offerings. 

Video content increases businesses’ engagement, as people are 2 times more likely to share video content over posts and pages. Having people consistently share your videos increases your online presence making people more aware of your company and creating brand awareness. 

At Pepper Productions, we understand that creating a powerful statement videography production is only half our job. That’s why we work closely with Chilli, the leading digital marketing agency based on the Sunshine Coast, to develop an efficient distribution strategy that will get you results.

Are you ready to tell your tale? We offer a free video discovery session, where we’ll work with you to develop a custom content plan that helps you achieve your specific goals. Contact Pepper Productions now, and let’s share your story!