Video content is a powerful and effective tool for communicating your brand. It allows you to produce personalised and captivating content and ‘be there’ when you can’t be. Once a nice-to-have, today corporate video content is essential for both branding a business or as a professional. With online video content responsible for 74% of all online activity, it can’t be ignored – video is a must.

To guarantee the videos you produce for your business effectively reflect your brand values and enhance what you have to offer in the minds of your current and potential customers, we have put together our top tips.

1. Stand by Your Brand Message

A video bio should not be a video resume, which simply states your experience, achievements and credentials. Video provides the perfect opportunity to reveal your personality, point-of-view, expertise and how you work and deliver value to your clients or customers.

2. Short & Sweet

Studies have shown that videos that are more than 60 seconds long get fewer views than their shorter counterparts. People are also unlikely to watch until the end of the clip, so make sure you cover the most important points first. If you haven’t covered everything in the 60 seconds, simply make a second video to cover the rest (i.e. Part 2). It’s a good idea to include a hook that leaves people wanting to come back and learn more.

3. Quality Over Quantity

As Steve Jobs said, “a home run is better than two doubles”. It’s better to invest in one high-quality video bio with great content, perfect lighting and crisp sound than a series of average quality video postings. Your video represents you, your brand and/or your business – make it as good as you possibly can!

4. Keep it Smart

It pays to keep in mind, again, that this video reflects your personal brand and you should stay relevant to your target audience. Unless brightly coloured, patterned or striped clothing truly represents your brand or industry, try to avoid them as they will distract from your message. Plain, monotone colours work best on screen and allow viewers to stay focused on what you’re saying.

5. Backdrop Matters

What’s surrounding you in the shot? What you have behind you speaks about your brand and can change the tone of the clip. For example, a messy desk with stacks of books in the background might say more about who you are than what you are talking about. An outdoor environment can be the great way to illustrate a relaxed approach but this can prove difficult as nearby noise is hard to control. Be wary of these elements and keep them to a minimum, as they can potentially distract the viewer away from your message.

6. Hire the Pros

Make the investment in yourself, your career and/or your business, with high-quality video content and production. Whether it’s staff bios or aerial footage of your warehouse. A great presentation of your business and staff is a strategic and effective marketing tool. A well-produced video can be used on social media platforms, websites, television commercials and more!

7. Get Video Views

Posting your video to multiple video sites (i.e. YouTube and Vimeo), social media platforms and of course your own website is an amazing and effective way to grow your brand and increase awareness. You have put valuable time and effort into producing your video content, so now is the time to maximise the return on that investment by making sure it gets seen by those who need to know you and your business offering. Just be sure that the sites to which you upload your video are relevant to your target audience.

8. Don’t Forget to Smile!

… and be yourself. As a video production company, we know it’s a common occurrence for clients to look back at the recording and be disappointed because they have been concentrating so hard that they come across as angry or nervous. With a little bit of practice, the script will come easily and you will have the chance to inject your own personality. Video gives you the chance to show people the real you and build emotional connections with your viewers –  so make it your own.

At Pepper Productions, we can help you or your business to create a phenomenal video that shows off your brand and entices your customers. We will work with you to develop a winning script, find a fantastic location, and we can help you to successfully roll out your video over digital media. Visit the Pepper Productions website, call us or pop in for a coffee to find out how you can benefit from video content.