Effective Videos.

A documentary is an amazing way to share the story of your business, it’s people and the community around it.  The benefits of documentary-style content or corporate video production go beyond simple video content; it creates a narrative that between the audience to your business, forming a connection that money can’t buy. It’s advertising without advertising, and it works.

A documentary is typically a non-fiction film which is used for education, history, or celebrating a milestone, such as a company’s 25-year anniversary. It’s an opportunity for reflection, celebration and commendation for the business’ achievements. Whether it’s the history of the business, a day in the life of your employees, or a reflection on the company’s values; these stories make sure amazing, sharable content across digital platforms.

Here’s our take on why documentary-style videos are an effective way for businesses to showcase themselves and connect with their audience, without ‘selling’ themselves directly.


Corporate video production offers a human touch to your marketing content

The effectiveness of video for businesses has taken a huge turn in recent years. Instead of a direct sales pitch, business now see a huge potential in telling an insightful story with a personal view inside from the inside of a business. This allows customers to gain a deeper understanding of what a business does, why they do it and how it should matter to them. The people you include in your video are your storytellers, so by choosing people who are diverse and represent the company in many ways, you can create a strong narrative that engages the audience. Including a range of characteristics, including length of employment, their area of work, their passion, their backgrounds, ages etc. will keep your video realistic and honest, impacting how your potential customers interpret it.

It can be as formal or informal as you need

The beauty of documentaries, is that it can be raw and (seem) unplanned. The more honest and realistic your video is, the more people trust that the company is being transparent with them, building a stronger connection. Although there is a lot of behind the scenes planning necessary to develop a high-quality video that portrays the right message, documentary videos allow a more subtle artistic approach. This type of content is not only engaging; it’s highly shareable and resonates with more people, whether they are a potential customer or not. It pays to remember that people and word of mouth is one of the strongest sales generator, and in todays market, people are buying because they believe in the business, not the product.

Finding an angle for your documentary creates emotion

If you story has a specific theme or angle it can use to provoke emotion, it will be more effective at capturing its audience and of being retained or recalled. Here is a brilliant example that Bromilow, an at-home care provider, had produced for their 25-year Anniversary.

They used client stories to create emotion and connect the audience to the company.  Alongside having an emotional angle, you should also make sure to include a wide range of footage to support your audio and keep it as engaging as possible. For example, Kangaroo Bus Lines used video footage including drones, time lapses and before-and-after shots to emphasise the history and generations behind their family run bus company for their 40-year Anniversary Documentary.

A documentary allows you to truly celebrate your business, and everything it has done and achieved. It will be something to cherish and re-use as content for many years to come.

At Pepper Productions, we can help you to structure, plan, film and produce your video for a high-quality and engaging result. You are investing more than just money in producing this video, it’s a representation of your company, so you want it to be right. Get in touch with our team today and let us help you create a documentary that truly encompasses your business and brand.