The Challenge

GET SHIT DONE is a brand new line of athletic shoewear. They needed our help to get some epic shots of their new product in preparation for their launch. They pitched their idea and sent their inspo to our team. After an initial consultation, they left our office confident and excited about their shoot. The goal was to share the story behind the brand, build trust with the audience and showcase all the features of their functionally engineered new shoes. The outcome was to have enough content to build out a website, run digital ads and fill social platforms for at least three months.  

Behind the scenes, we took care of everything – from storyboard creation to a shot list that fitted their brief and the image inspiration they provided us. Once we received their go-ahead, we got to work booking a studio and sourcing models. After finalising the shoot dates, all that was left to do was to GET SHIT DONE!

On the day, we got our lights set up in the studio and had our camera guys direct the models into position. We took heaps of snaps and had a few laughs. After capturing some sick content we packed up and went to several locations to capture their motivational hero video. This is what we’re known for at Pepper – capturing moments and turning them into a tale. 

After a couple of days of shooting, our camera guys began editing and putting together the plethora of content we filmed. This lengthy but rewarding process turned up some great imagery and videography that GET SHIT DONE couldn’t be happier with. We brought their story to life and created high-quality product imagery to fill their website and their socials.

How We Helped


Overall Pepper helped the team at GET SHIT DONE achieve their goals through:


  • Pre-production including script writing, storyboard preparation, sourcing models and location scouting
  • Studio set up, multiple camera operators and on-site producer
  • High-quality product photography for their eCommerce site
  • Producing a website banner video and micro clips
  • Hero video editing and voice-over production
  • Creation of social clips, reels and lifestyle imagery
  • Distribution of newly created assets on their YouTube, website and social platforms
  • Strategic marketing advice

The Outcome

We worked alongside our mates at Chilli Group to collate all the necessary assets in preparation for their launch campaign. This included everything from website imagery such as product shots, action shots, video web banners, and hero videos as well as imagery for social posts and digital advertising. The team then distributed their newfound content across a range of platforms both organic and paid. Since partnering with Pepper Productions, GET SHIT DONE has seen its following and interaction on their socials grow. Our content caught the audience’s attention and shared the values behind the new brand.

Get Shit Done-204

GET SHIT DONE Photography.