Storytelling through product videography

With people now watching more videos online than ever before, there is a demand for product videography from brands.

According to Hubspot, nine out of ten customers want to see more brand videos. Question is, are you including product videography in your online content?


What is Product Videography? 

Product videography is the perfect way to show off your products’ benefits and gives your customers a visual explanation of the product. A leading trend in e-commerce, product videography, has been shown to increase sales and website traffic. It can be more attention-grabbing than product imagery and improves customer recall and recognition. Brands that use videography in their marketing mix grow revenue 49% faster than brands who don’t!

Product videography is not just about uploading your raw video footage. It’s about creatively editing raw video to tell your audience a story. This will further grab your audience’s attention and make your brand stand out. The use of graphics, music, voiceovers, and transitions also helps to produce an awesome video. 


What are the trends? 

There’s no doubt that product videography is where it’s at in today’s modern mix of marketing and technology. It’s a fun and effective way to get consumers to understand your product simply and easily! So what are the trends that will take your video content to the next level? Here are the top five:

1. Social media reels

Social media reels are the secret to viral growth on online platforms. These short, vertical videos can vary in length depending on the platform and are a fun way to reach your audience. 

2. Animated videos 

Animated videos are a great way to get your viewers interested and excited through compelling graphics. Animated videos are perfect for showing your brand’s unique look and persona. 

3. Product teasers videos

Another great marketing tool! Product teasers create excitement and awareness. Teaser videos will also guarantee audience feedback on your new product, which will be helpful when launching. 

4. Behind-the-scenes videos 

Behind-the-scenes videos are the best way to connect with your audience. These videos give your audience a peek behind the curtains, revealing your team’s unique personalities and quirks and giving your brand a unique twist against competitors. Behind-the-scenes content also helps build trust with your audience.

5. Explainer or educational videos 

Explainer or educational videos are also a fun way to share your ideas with your audience. Combining imagery and audio makes these videos informative and entertaining, creating a great connection with your audience. 


At Pepper Productions, we believe in educating and supporting your ideas through authentic and creative art. Product videography is excellent at establishing authority and connecting on an emotional level through the aspect of storytelling. Our content crew designs video content that will share your story, drive customers to your brand and increase conversions.

Keen to see what Pepper Productions has to offer? Drop us a line today and check out our work!

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